Monday, 22 July 2013

An app hanging the artwork on your wall

Acquiring a painting has suddenly become an even bigger delight! A new app will minimise the concerns when buying art – this free app brings the painting to your wall with the click of a button.

Worldart, a Cape Town art gallery, teamed up with technology company Sybu Data to release this app – a South African first. 

“One easily falls in love with a painting when in an art gallery or even when finding it on a website. What is not so obvious is whether it will be as striking hanging in your space. There are many elements affecting how an art work looks – so why not make it easier to select the right painting?” says Charl Bezuidenhout from Worldart.

Sybu Data’s AndrĂ© Roodt who designed and built the app, says: “I have always been interested in augmented reality and its potential to create realistic images of what something could look like. Building this app was an opportunity to explore a few ideas around the concept and we are very excited about what we learnt and where we can go with it.” 

The Worldart app can be downloaded for free and is available for both iPad and iPhone.
For more information contact Charl Bezuidenhout ( at  or AndrĂ© Roodt ( at